Focus on PowerMount Attachment

The UK’s leading supplier of forklift truck attachments, B&B Attachments, is maintaining its reputation for providing innovative products with its PowerMount quick release system. 

As a result of enquiries from major fleet users in the forklift industry, B&B Attachments has developed PowerMount - a unique system that quickly changes one hydraulic attachment, such as a popular double pallet handler to another, which may be required instantly to move a specialist load. The PowerMount enables attachment changes in a matter of just 60 - 90 seconds, without the need for an engineer, guaranteeing a fast, easy and safe way to interchange forklift attachments. 

It also allows one forklift truck to use several attachments, providing the best possible utilisation of a forklift fleet. PowerMount has the potential to severely cut fleet costs and provide better utilisation of the forklift fleet. This allows the workforce to operate with fewer trucks, as witnessed on several sites currently using PowerMount.

Forklift trucks fitted with dedicated attachments can restrict the use of the truck to only a few hours a day, effectively paying for the truck to sit idle for large amount of time. The quick release coupler system, with up to 3 hydraulic function connections available can quickly and easy allow the operator to change attachments without an engineer.

The PowerMount system also enhances on-site safety, as operators are more likely to select the right equipment to perform each task, rather than compromising by trying to use whatever attachment they have fitted at the time. The unique locking bar safety system with visual alarm make the Powermount a safe and easy tool for operators to use.

Established over 30 Years ago, B&B Attachments Ltd offers the largest range of products from a single source. With customers throughout the UK and Europe, B&B continues to build on its reputation for offering the most comprehensive aftercare service available in the attachment field.