Motec Camera Solutions

Motec camera solutions offer drivers of forklifts and reach stackers a clear view of the machine track when transporting bulky loads, thus helping to prevent serious accidents. They can also serve as an effective tool when helping the driver position the load allowing them to maintain an ergonomic posture while working.

Safety first is a principle firmly rooted in to all areas of our daily work routines, whether it comes to construction sites, long-haul transportation or high-rack warehouses.  Motec's mobile, intelligent camera systems are important tools helping drivers to make the right decision in any traffic/working situation at any time.

The Motec technology is supported by the extensive experience as well as market and industry expertise.  Today Motec and B&B Attachments work together to provide you with the solution which best resolves your visibility problem.

  • Resistant to high-pressure cleaning. Vibration-proof
  • Different angles of vision from 20 to 120 degrees
  • Nitrogen-filled auto-focusing, zoom cameras
  • Fork cameras can be fitted to existing machines or built into new machines
  • Camera systems with video transmission
  • Colour displays
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