Griptech WeighMaster

Mobile Weighing and Data Capture

Mobile weighing technology is the integration of weighing systems into industrial trucks, with the aim of being able to weigh the load directly. Using mobile weighing technology eliminates the need for stationary scales. This means no additional routes for the forklift, no waiting time on stationary scales, less energy consumption and a lower risk of accidents.

To determine the correct weighing system for your logistics process, it is important to know what you want to weigh and with how much accuracy. It should be noted that with the specified system accuracy, the deviation can occur both upwards and downwards.


Griptech manufactures and supplies mobile weighing systems which are based on electronic load cells with integrated strain gauges. The strain gauges are mounted in the design and the determined weight is displayed on a display device. These systems have an accuracy of up to 0.1% of the weighed weight. The calibrated systems are also available as non-automatic scales according to class III up to 3000 parts.


Griptech produce and supply hydraulic weighing systems, which determine the weight via the hydraulic pressure of the lifting unit. These weighing systems are robust, weigh independently of the load center, have no influence on the residual load capacity and can be used in combination with attachments. They are also suitable for large forklifts and reach stackers up to 100 t capacity.

The accuracy of hydraulic weighing systems, is determined as a percentage of the load capacity of the vehicle. Griptech manufactures the first verifiable hydraulic weighing system for forklift trucks, which offers a system accuracy of up to 0.1%. As an approved self-leveling scale (class Y (a)), the system offers an accuracy of up to 1150 parts.

All hydraulic weighing systems can only be calibrated after installation.

Product overview:

Griptech TC2000                            (Hydraulic weighing system, 0.2% of forklift capacity)

Griptech TC2000-S                         (Hydraulic weighing system, 0.2% of warehouse truck capacity)

Griptech TC4000                             (Hydraulic weighing system, 0.1% of truck capacity)

Griptech TC3000-RS                       (Hydraulic weighing system, 0.2% of reach stacker capacity)

Griptech Artiscale EP6                     (Retrofit load cell weighing system for powered pallet trucks, 0.1% applied load)

Griptech Artiscale ST6                     (Retrofit load cell weighing system for powered stackers, 0.1% applied load)

Griptech HPT                                   (Load cell weighing hand pallet truck, 0.1% applied load)



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