T429-T149Z Double/Triple Pallet Handler

with independent sideshift - with bolt-on forks, for loading and unloading of up to 3 pallets from one side Lorries, Waggons etc.) - 2 hydraulic functions + solenoid valve

The combination of the well known KAUP Multi Pallet Handler with a Pantograph T149Z creates an attachment with a multitude of application possibilities. It makes speedy loading of lorries or wagons from the side possible as well as loading and unloading double deep storage racks. As with all other KAUP Multi Pallet Handlers, the Double/Triple Pallet Handler with Pantograph type T429/T149Z has a durable and reliable construction with a minimum of required maintenance with maximum operation.

  • Good visibility conditions
  • Synchronized for quicker working speeds
  • Independent sideshift serially
  • Screw-on forks serially
Model No