T429B1-2-3 Triple Pallet Handler

with independent sideshift - with bolt-on forks, for 1, 2 or 3 pallets side by side - 2 hydraulic functions

The simple construction of KAUP Triple Pallet Handler T429B-1-2-3 with its improved design ensures a clear view through and over the attachment to the fork tips and load. The construction from the T-profiles and C-profiles ensures stability and long operating hours with extended intervals between servicing and a minimum of required maintenance even in heavy duty operation. The excellent residual capacity compared to similar models increases the productivity of this Multi Pallet Handler.

  • Triple Pallet Handlers for heavy duty tasks
  • Very good visibility conditions
  • Excellent residual capacity - best lost load centre in this class
  • Synchronized for quicker working speeds
  • Independent sideshift serially
  • Screw-on forks serially
  • Optional: independent control of seperate fork pairs - adjustment of opening range to suit different types of pallets
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